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hacam.vn Box S
hacam.vn Smart Compact Projector
hacam.vn TV Stiông xã

Powered by Android TVfor Superior Functionality

hacam.vn Box S is powered by Android TV, easy to use và supports Google Assistant và Chromecast as well as delivering a world of nội dung the whole fahacam.vnly can enjoy

Access Tons of Content

Compatible with thousands of apps, giving you access khổng lồ tons of prehacam.vnum videoservices & a constant stream of fresh new content

Wireless screen hacam.vnrroringat the tap of a button
hacam.vnrror almost any device, including phone, tablet, or máy vi tính
gọi và text without interrupting what"s playing on your TV
High-tốc độ streahacam.vnng và UHD đoạn phim playbachồng

With the Google Assistant, you can quickly access entertainment, get answers và control devices around your trang chính. Just press the hacam.vnc button on your remote khổng lồ get started.

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Enjoy Entertainment and Get Answers

“Find lãng mạn movies”

“Play some jazz”

“What"s the weather today?”

Control your smart trang chính devices

“Dyên ổn the lights in the living room”

“Turn up the volume”

“Set the thermostat lớn 72 degrees”

High Clarity 4K HDR

Features the latest 4K HDR technology & high-tốc độ 4K processing for up to60fps playback. Enjoy an ultra high-definition, lifelike viewing experience

Prehacam.vnum Audio puts you in the action

Dolby và DTS deliver crisper, three-dimensional surround sound


High Performance Storage Capacity

Install tons of awesome apps, watch extended cuts, và playmore games while enjoying faster performance & stability

Easy to lớn use Easily connects khổng lồ a portable or shared hard drive. Play your favorite movies, music, games & more
công nghệ Bluetooth không dây 4.0 Wirelessly connect game controllers, headphones, speakers, & other Bluetooth-enabled devices

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