You are currently on the world’s most widely used website khổng lồ tải về the Narukhổng lồ Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Impact PC game. This Fighting category PC game has gained positive nhận xét from most of its users. People across the globe got this PC game on Oct 19, 2011 date.

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Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Impact Overview

Game:Genre:Developer:Publisher:Released on:Platforms:Age Ratings:Score:Franchise:Player’s Perspectives:trò chơi Modes:Themes:
Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Impact
Namco Bandai Games
Namco Bandai Games
Oct 19, 2011
PlayStation Portable
Teen (PEGI 12)
8.5 out of 10
Third person
Single player

About Narulớn Shippuden: Ultimate Nin-Ja Impact

You will admire that how smoothly the Narukhổng lồ Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Impact game performs. You can live sầu that amazing story in this game, but it only has the TPPhường mode.

NARUTO SHIPPUDEN: Ultimate Ninja Impact lets players unleash their honed Jutsu skills through exciting single-player and multiplayer modes. Story Battle lets fans become part of explosive NARUTO SHIPPUDEN fights straight from the anime with more events & battle sequences than ever before on the PSP..


Tag Battle lets two friends connect through Ad-hoc lớn team up và complete over trăng tròn missions cooperatively, while Versus Battle lets players battle against each other with their persistent customized characters across all modes.

This computer game was last updated on Dec 28, 2020 date lớn add new gaming features. The 97.16 out of 100 rating is not easy lớn gain, but this PC game has gained it due to lớn its amazing performance.

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It’s probably the only PC game with admiring nhận xét from 14017 participants. Do you prefer single-player mode? Try this wonderful PC game right now!


3796 avg users gave sầu it top ratings and admired this game in their Review. The developers have crafted this PC game lớn work on PlayStation Portable platforms.



Hence it is a newly launched game; it only got 4445 social media followers. Unlike previous installments of the Narulớn franchise, this PC game runs smoothly on low-end PCs.

It seems so entertaining because of its Action theme. Only 13878 users have reviewed this đoạn phim game, but all those Đánh Giá are positive sầu.

This thrilling PC game was globally launched on Oct 19, 2011 date. This game has entertained so many fans because it is based on the Fighting genre.

You can download this game from below.